About Me

Life stories through the art….

Life stories through the art… Oil paintings produced by using unorthodox techniques on high-quality linen canvas.

I am an artist who lives and paints through emotions. I have to feel the spirit of the subject and the environment. Only when I have truly embraced this, the pictures can be brought into a life.

As for me, art is to convey emotions on canvas. I paint with a hope that my paintings inspire people and will be doing it even centuries ahead.

In my canvases I invite you to go through the moments from various life stories i`ve been inspired of, to feel the power of unique places and the secret beauty of nature on landscapes I`ve been traveling to, to get experienced with human being personal feelings in portraits ive seen and transfered to canvas, to find any of emotions in abstractions, to read a plot lines from books and more. For customers, who would like to save own stories written on canvases and choose me as a personal artist i put all my effort, experience and mastery to treat their requests with respect and attention to details.
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